Thursday, September 17, 2015

Crawlers & Totally Tots- Pirates

My original plan was to do a "Pirates"  theme in honor of the International Talk  Like a Pirate Day (Sept. 19, 2016). I have tried this theme in the past, and it hasn't worked out, not sure if it was me or the books I choose or what, but I thought I would give it another try.  Well, I changed the plan as the week went on.


Bubble Bath Pirates by Jarrett  Krosoczka
Penguin’s Big Adventure by Salina Yoon
Friday My Radio Flyer Flew by Zachary Pullen
A boy, a dog, and a frog by Mercer Mayer

I realized Tuesday with our Crawlers group that a couple of the books were to long for them.  Wednesday & Thursday I started with Penguin's Big Adventure, followed by Bubble Bath Pirates, and Friday My Radio Flyer Flew.  Thursdays' group enjoyed A boy, a dog, and a frog one of the first wordless books I have used with these groups.

Opening Song- Everybody say…


Nursery Rhyme: Smiling Girls, Rosy Boys * We have been skipping this section.

Rhyme: Here Are My Ears
Here are my ears. Here is my nose.
Here are my fingers. Here are my toes.
Here are my eyes both open wide.
Here is my mouth with white teeth inside.
Here is my tongue that helps me to speak.
Here is my chin and here are my cheeks.
Here are my hands that help me to play.
Here are my feet for walking today.

Pirate Ship
Sail, sail, sail your ship
Gently over the sea
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
A pirate’s life for me.

The One-Eyed Pirate * Some of the toddlers really liked this rhyme.
The one-eyed pirate (cover one eye)
He’s fierce, and he’s tough (clench fists & scowl)
He digs for buried treasure (digging motion)
But it’s never enough. (shake head)
He lives on a ship (hold up flat hand, thumb out)
Way out on the sea. (rock hand in curvy motion, other hand under it)
His parrot is his only friend, perch hand on shoulder)
Except for me. (point to self)

Flannel: This Old Pirate
This old pirate, has a hat
Where a skull and crossbones sat.
With an Ar, Ar, Ar, and an Ay Matey!
This old pirate sailed the sea.
This old pirate has a hook, uses it to hold a book.
This old pirate has a map, keeps it handy in his lap
This old pirate has a bird, barely knows a single word.
This old pirate has a ship, travels the world in a single trip.
This old pirate looking for treasure, more than anyone could measure!

Bubble Time
After Bubble time we have been playing/exploring our storytelling using fingerpuppets and flannel board items. This week we used Old MacDonald farm animals, and our community helpers.  

Goodbye song-  We Wave Goodbye Like This