Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Bedtime Stories- Adventure

This week our Bedtime stories turned out to be a mix of stories~ some about going to bed rituals, some adventure, and a wordless picture. We read
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Go To Sleep, Maddie! By Maureen Wright
Friday My Radio Flyer Flew by Zachary Pullen * Love the big illustrations on these book.
A boy, a dog, and a frog by Mercer Mayer * I tried this wordless book hoping the kids would be interested on telling their own story.  Tuesday's group was a bit young and a bit distracted with some of the toys, so we decided to dance instead.

We watched


Duck on a Bike by David Shannon

We used our regular Opening Song and Wiggles

Twinkle Here and There
Twinkle standing up ( wiggle fingers)
twinkle sitting down (sit while wiggling fingers)
twinkle while you're hoping
around and around and around
twinkle at the ceiling (wiggle fingers high)
twinkle at the door (wiggle fingers towards door)
twinkle at each other (wiggle fingers at each other)
and twinkle on the floor (sit and wiggle fingers) 

Rhyme: Here Are My Ears
Here are my ears. Here is my nose.
Here are my fingers. Here are my toes.
Here are my eyes both open wide.
Here is my mouth with white teeth inside.
Here is my tongue that helps me to speak.
Here is my chin and here are my cheeks.
Here are my hands that help me to play.
Here are my feet for walking today.

Goodbye song-  We Wave Goodbye Like This