Thursday, September 24, 2015

Baby Bloomers- What Do I See?

Today, our babies shared a mix of books about big brothers, and things they see, and can do. We had a small group so I decided to use some of our musical instruments. It is always fun when you can mix things a little bit. We read


My Big Brother by Valerie Fisher
Baby Can Bounce! by Lynne Chapman
I See by Rachel Isadora

Opening Song-

Nursery Rhyme: Patty Cake

Little Cat
Creeping, creeping , creeping,
Comes the little cat.
Meow, meow, meow, meow
Just like that!
Creeping, creeping, creeping,
Comes the little bunny.
Hop, hop, hop, hop
Do you think that’s funny?
Credit: The big Book of Stories, Songs, & Sing-Alongs

Up & Down
Up, up in the sky like this
(lift baby in the air)
Down, down for a great big kiss
Up like this
Down for a kiss
You’re my special baby!
(hug & cuddle)

Bubble Time
Goodbye song-  We Wave Goodbye Like This