Monday, September 15, 2014

Totally Tots- Welcome back

Our Totally Tots returned last week with a full house both days- we have sessions Wednesdays & Thursdays at 10:30 am. It was so much fun to see lots of our Crawlers graduating to Totally Tots time.  They grow so fast.  

For this class we use a different opening song

Everybody say one, story time has just began
Everybody say two, shake your shoulders show your shoes
Everybody say three, listen very carefully
Everybody say four, and put your bottoms on the floor

I borrowed this song from one of my professors and love it. You can sing loud or wisper, you can go fast or slow, and every child loves to show their shoes, or socks, or lock off. We followed with our Wiggles  and read books about going to school because some of them are already in preschool or will soon be in preschool.


I love reading any Mouse's book, they work great to get the group to settle down and quiet down otherwise Mouse will run away.

We did a new rhyme 
Hands Up High
Hands up high
Hands down low
Hide those hand now where did they go?
One hand up, the other one too
Clap them, fold them, now we're through.
Credit: FingerPlays & Action Rhymes

and used the flannel pieces for our Nursery Rhyme "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe".

I found a new song by Ann Marie Akin "Songs for Wiggleworms" CD  titled "Walking, Walking" that is going to be a new favorite this fall.  It is full of motions and directions- we walk, we jump, we run...and then we STOP.  We also had to bring out our Bubble machine and dance around with the bubble song.  All in all a great couple of days.