Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Crawlers- Owls

I have been wanting to do an Owl story for a while and decided this fall was the perfect time.  The books I choose were a bit long for my Crawlers group and the fact that we have a big group makes the interactions between myself and the kids and parents a bit difficult at times. 

We started with our regular opening song and moved right into our first book right away


After our first story I tried one of the new songs "Walking" that has worked really well with the Toddlers.  Some of the kids liked it, some were a bit young for the action/motions on the song.  I followed with a couple of rounds of "Open Shut Them".  I was hoping we would get into the counting part of the second book but it really never happened so I decided to move to our Wiggle rhyme and Nursery Rhyme with another song "Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes". My hope was that some of their energy would be spent and maybe we could imitate the sounds on our last book.  I actually had several kids interested on the animals and sounds Old Owl finds during the night but the book was a bit to long for these age group.  We finished with several rounds of a new rhyme

Hands On My Head
My hands upon my head I'll place
upon my shoulders, on my face,
at my waist, and by my side
then behing me they will hide
then I'll raise them way up hide
and let my fingers fly, fly, fly
then clap, clap, clap then...
1, 2, 3!
Sit down and see how quiet can be.
Credit: A Year in the Story Room.

We closed with our goodbye song and the Bubbles song.  I'm going to change the order a bit with my Totally Tots group tomorrow and maybe only read two books since we are doing a craft or have less songs.  I still like the theme and would like to try in the future with shorter books for my younger listeners.