Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Last week's programs

I'm a week behind again, don't know how this keeps happenning but I promise to try better this week.  Last week was busy week with six programs, yep, you are reading correctly Six programs.  I had my regular Baby Bloomers, Crawlers, and two Totally Tots classes, plus a brand new Bilingual program "Los Cuentos", and the first meeting of our Junior Friends.  Here is how it went:

Baby Bloomers- see post.

Crawlers- see posts.

Totally Tots- this group keeps growing, which is an amazing dream but it can present a challenge in our small story hour room.  I did the same transportation program as with the Crawlers and we used our scarves to "shake our sillies out" and dance with our bubbles.  I read the same books but got different reactions from some of the older kids who engaged with A Truck Goes Rattley Bumpa  by Jonathan London. We identified colors, shapes,  types of trucks and cars, and the actions taking place.  Because the group was large both days- 18 kids on Wednesday- I refrained from using the flannel pieces to our Nursery Rhyme, we still chanted "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe" and used the scarves to keep the pace. 

Los Cuentos- this is my new bilingual class for families (birth thru 7 years old).  Last Spring we celebrate El Dia de los Libros/ El Dia de los Ninos or Book Day/Children's Day and we had a nice show of parents and kids that were interested on having a bilingual program.  During the summer I researched our community and found out that we have a growing number of Hispanic speaking residents and school children.  This is a pilot for the Fall and hopefully I get to keep doing them during the Winter and Spring and expand from Spanish/English to other languages.  The first session was attended by five families with eight children.  I mixed the stories from full Spanish to bilingual stories. We also listened to some songs/video using the big TV screen in our Story Hour room.  We ended with a small craft.