Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Crawlers_ Transportation

Our second week of Crawlers has seen a surge in little crawlers/walkers~ we almost doubled our numbers from last week with 28!  The best part is getting to know all their new personalities, and trying to remember everyone's name.  I love each group from our Baby Bloomers to Totally Tots but this group always amazes me because you never know what can happen.  Sometimes we love our stories and sit quietly, some times we love to clap and hop, and there are times when only the bubble machine can rescue Story Time.  Today we read books about airplanes, and trucks, and trains.


We tried our new opening song again "Hello, Hello" but I continued to struggle with the tune and the fact that it takes a lot of our time when there is a big class.  We tried a new rhyme/action chant 

Runaway Engine
Runaway engine, rickety rack, (pump arms like a train)
Running around the railway track (draw large circle with finger)
All the way there and all the way back (point at child and at self)
Runaway engine rickety rack (pump arms like a train)
Repeat slow, then faster
Credit: Sunflowerstorytime.com

Followed by our "Wiggle, Wiggle".  I decided to bring out the  "maracas" to chant our Nursery Rhyme "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe".  And we listened to the "Walking song" and clapped our way through bubbles.