Monday, September 8, 2014

Baby Bloomers is Back!

Today was our first day of Baby Bloomers Fall Storytime- Yay! Finally back after summer break it was great to see familiar faces and new additions. I am hoping to make this a fabulous storytime for all. I decided to shake things a bit and make sure to focus on the Early Literacy connections we are creating at each storytime.  I created a new opening song to help each everyone learn  all the babies names and decided to keep using our Wiggle, Wiggle stretch song, and Nursery Rhymes.  This week's Early Literacy Tip focused on the power of early language and literacy (reading and writing) and how it development in the first three years of life and is linked to a child’s earliest experiences with books and stories. Five ways to promote early literacy with your child: talking, singing, reading, writing, and playing.  Every week we will sing, talk, read stories, play, and while we don't write we play with toys to develop fine motor skills that will help us one day hold our pencils/crayons.  Each week we will repeat some of the same rhymes and songs.  Today we chanted

Baby Rhyme

These are baby’s fingers (tickle fingers)
These are baby’s toes (tickle toes)
This is baby’s tummy button (tickle belly)
Round and round it goes!

One to Five

One little nose,
Two little feet,
Three little tickles on your tummy so sweet!
Four little kisses on five little toes,
Then one more kiss for your sweet little nose!

Up & Down Rhyme

Up, up in the sky like this, (gently lift baby in the air)
Down, down for a great big kiss( slowly bring baby down and kiss)
Up like this (lift up)
Down for a kiss (lower down)
You’re my special baby! (hug and cuddle baby)

We read

We listened to a couple of songs and ended our storytime playing with some new toys and fun textile baby books


Looking forward to a fun fall full of stories, rhymes, and songs.