Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Totally Tots- Bunnies

I think this is the second week in a row that I forgot or never got around to post about our Totally Tots class.  This session I added a second day after finding out that my regular day/time conflicts with other park district programs for Toddlers and it is throwing my regular schedule a bit off.  So far it has been slow, which in a way has been a blessing because it has allowed the quiet/shy kids to feel relaxed.  I switched one of the books from our Babies/Crawlers class and we had different action rhymes-lots of hoping like bunnies.   These are the books I read:

by Jullie Stiegemeyer                    By Salina Yoon                           By Nicola Smee

I made very simple bunny flannels for the kids to put to bed as we read Seven Little Bunnies, it worked partially with some kids participating and some just holding on to their bunnies.  On Thursday, I used our Noodle bucket again since it is a smaller class and it was lots of fun to find the magnetic letters and same color noodles.