Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Baby Bloomers & Crawlers- Colors

I often say that I have the best job ever.  I get to read stories, sing songs, and play with little people almost every day.  So far this week has been no exception,  if anything the opposite with new families continuing to join our group. I actually managed to take some pictures of our busy babies & crawlers

This week I am doing stories with colors, shapes with colors, animals with colors, and how when you mix colors you get new colors. 

by Emma Dodd                  by Laura Vaccaro Seeger          by Ellen Stoll Walsh

I also made two cute little black birds for a finger play and we bounced, jump, blink, and blub like little green frogs.   We are sticking to our regular opening song and "Wiggle, Wiggle"  and mixing the theme rhymes with our favorites like "This is Big" and  "Touch Game". Our songs and dancing is around bubbles, which is like magic when I want to get the attention back.  Next week I am doing "Bugs, Bugs, Bugs".