Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Crawlers- Ducks

Today was day two of Spring Story Time with my Crawlers group. This is a new group I started last winter when our Baby Bloomers group got to large and varied in ages. This group is perfect on size and their skills are just in between the little babies who need all the support and the independent toddlers.  They are curious and love to engage while at the same time lose focus within a few seconds or find something else in the room more interesting.

Like yesterday, see Baby Bloomers post,  I created a master handout with the rhymes and songs we will use over the entire session. Our Nursery Rhyme went much better with each kid placing little ducks on the felt board.  We read two new books

By Nancy Tafuri                           By Frances Barry

The second book is perfect for this age group with short sentences, lots of colors, and a very interesting design.

Photo Photo 

We also tried some new songs and our bubble machine.  All in all it was a great start to spring Story Time