Monday, April 7, 2014

Baby Bloomers- Ducks

Today was our first day of Spring Story Time and all my babies returned with new friends!  I love this group, their curiosity is contagious and so are their smiles.  It melts my heart to see a smiling baby that recognizes me and is excited when we start singing or reading a story.  I choose "Ducks" as my theme today because spring is in the air and soon we will be seeing little ducklings around our parks.  I had a combination of large books and small picture books with great tactile options.  I read

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by Penny Ives                               by Tad Hills                            by Beth Harwood. 

Because it is fun to count down and then have our ducks return I used our mitten with five little ducks. 

I switched up our handouts a bit by creating a master handout with all the rhymes/songs/fingerplays we will use for the entire session. I mark on my copy which ones we are using any particular day and then let parents know, today we used our Opening Song, Wiggle Wiggle,  Open Shut Them, The Touch Game, and our Closing Song.  Our nursery rhyme was "Goosey, Goosey, Gander".  In addition, I have new songs that we will be trying during this session as well.