Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Andi Unexpected


 Andi Unexpected (Andi Boggs Novel #1)

Andi Unexpected  by Amanda Flower, Harpercollins Christian Pub, 2013.

What do you do when you discover a lost relative sharing your namesake? If you are Andora or Andi as she prefers to be called you might just have to find out how is this mysterious relative.  It turns out to be just what Andi and her sister Bethany needed as they are trying to put their lives back together after their parents die.  After moving to small Killdeer with their aunt Amelie, the sisters are trying to figure how things are going to work for them.  Andi meets Colin an odd neighbor kid that shares a passion for facts and science.  While cleaning the attic Andi discovers a hidden room and a small chest with a baby’s photograph sharing her name.  In trying to figure who this baby is Andi and Colin, her new best friend, will turn out a few the towns’ secrets and risk their lives.