Thursday, February 14, 2013

Baby Bloomers- Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Today we had such a lovely time in our Baby Bloomers class.  The kids all looked adorable in their red ensembles- the girls wore the most adorable dresses and shoes, boys looked handsome too.  I was going to give my Valentine to the babies at the end of class but decided to go ahead and give it to them earlier so they could hold on to them or play while we were reading and singing.  They loved their little hearts.

We started as usual with our opening song "The More We Get Together" and our little "Wiggle, Wiggle".  While the babies continued to play I read our first book

Huggy Kissy
Huggy Kissy by Leslie Patricelli. This book was the perfect size for them, the illustrations are bright and the black outlining makes them pop out even more.  The text has a nice rhyming and the babies were really into the pictures and sounds.  We did a quick fingerplay "How Many Valentines" and sang "Skinnamarink" even though I had planned to use it as part of our closing it was the perfect song to get their attention back. We followed with

A Kiss Like This
A Kiss Like This by Mary Murphy. Like yesterday this is a brand new book to our library an it was so much fun to read it to the babies. They were mesmerized with the flip pages and since the main refrain repeats itself from page to page it was fun for the parents to jump in an participate. After our book we did another finger play "I Have a Little Heart" and sang "Love to You" I used this song yesterday as well and have decided to modify the lyrics as we all got tangle with the last part of the song.  It worked out okay because we just laughed and continued on.  Our final book was

Counting Kisses: A Kiss & Read Book
Counting Kisses by Karen Katz. We have read other books by Karen Katz and they always work well with this age group. The illustrations are large enough and the text tends to take over one page with the action overlapping on the oppositte page.  We ended our program with another round of "Skinnamarink" and our closing song "We Wave Goodbye Like This".