Thursday, February 28, 2013

Baby Bloomers- Surprise!

Today was our last Baby Bloomers official class for the Winter session.  It was kind of sad because we have such a great group of babies that don't want to stop we have decided to keep meeting during our regular time for the next month and have "informal story time" until we resume our Spring session.  We started with our opening song and our "Wiggle, Wiggle" .Our first book today was

 Baby Says Peekaboo! [With Touch and Feel; Lift a Flap]

Baby Says Peekaboo!  by Dawn Sirett.  This book is great for the babies with all the flaps and visual images. Plus at the end they all loved to look at themselves in the mirror. The size was a bit small but overall it worked well since I made sure to give every baby a chance to check themselves in the mirror.  Since the group had lots of energy I went ahead and played  "Clap Your Hands" from the Milkshake album displaying the lyrics  so we could all sing together.

We then did a couple of rounds of "Ten Fingers" and used a flannel I created using pictures from "What's On My Head?" by Margaret Miller. The kids loved the bright photographs and the funny things you can put on your head, like a frog! Our next book was

Under My Hood I Have a Hat

Under My Hood I Have a Hat by Karla Kuskin. I had thought this book was going to transition better and some babies were really into it but others were more interested on crawling away.  We followed with a fingerplay "This Is Big" and "Open Shut Them". Since our group was ready to move on I switched to one more song "Skinnamarink" and our closing song. 

I had the chance to use our last book with a couple of the babies that stayed in the room. It actually worked much nicer because the copy I had was very small. This is a cute book for one-on-one reading with all the different animals looking for their babies, which are hidden under different flaps.

Surprise! by Liesbet Slegers.