Thursday, January 29, 2015

Baby Bloomers, Crawlers & Totally Tots- Colors!!

This week we were all about colors and improvisation on my part.  One my books didn't work, some of the rhymes weren't going to well, the matching game I had planned turned to be a mad dash to the flannel board~ so I improvised and changed things up and it turned out to be okay.  Here was the plan:

Opening Song-
Everybody say one, story time has just began
Everybody say two, shake your shoulders show your shoes
Everybody say three, listen very carefully
Everybody say four, and put your bottoms on the floor

Baby Bloomers have been chanting "The More We Get Together" as our opening song. 

A wiggle, wiggle here
A wiggle, wiggle there.
Wiggle your hands up in the air
Wiggle our shoulders and wiggle your hips,
Wiggle your knees and move your lips,
Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle
And wiggle and bend
Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle,
And this is the end!

Book: Bear Sees Colors by Karma Wilson

I tried this book with our Crawlers & Totally Tots on Tuesday and it just didn't seem to get their attention.  I loved the illustrations and thought it would be fun to spot all the different objects and animals within the different colors.  

Book: Little Green Peas by Keith Baker


I decided to use this book with Thursday's Totally Tots and they loved it!  We had so  much fun checking out all the different things the "little green peas" were up to throughout the different colors. 
Book: Lots of Dots by Craig Frazier

 This book worked well with all the groups, they all loved checking the different colors and objects. 

Moving Rhyme: I See Colors   
I see blue, I see blue,
In our room, in our room
Quickly, can you find it,
Quickly, can you find it?
Zoom, zoom, zoom
Zoom, zoom, zoom
Repeat with different colors
I used flannel  shaped mittens in different colors for the kids to hold and put on our flannel board.  

Song: Shake Your Sillies with scarves. This is always a hit with these groups.   
Nursery Rhyme: Hickory Dickory Dock
Song: Two Little Black Birds- using penguin props
Song: Walking, Walking

Book: Dog’s Colorful Day by Emma Dodd

All the groups seemed to enjoyed counting the spots on the dog and saying that it was a silly dog. 

Book: Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh
I used flannel pieces (cat, white mice, colored mice, and flannel) to tell this story with Thursday's Totally Tots.  I wasn't sure if the kids were going to be interested on the story but they were all seated and focused on the flannel board.
Movement Rhyme: Colored Shoes
Stomping in my red shoes, red shoes, red shoes
Stomping in my red shoes, here at storytime.
Running in my blue shoes, blue shoes, blue shoes,
Running in my blue shoes, here at storytime.
Sliding in my green shoes, green shoes, green shoes
Sliding in my green shoes, here at storytime.
Twirling in my pink shoes, pink shoes, pink shoes
Twirling in my pink shoes, here at storytime.
Sitting in my white shoes, white shoes, white shoes
Sitting in my white shoes, here at storytime.

This rhyme worked for Tuesday's Totally Tots and allowed the group to move and run around the room while checking colors.

Bubble Time with Bubble song

Goodbye Song- We Wave Goodbye Like This
We wave goodbye like this,
We wave goodbye like this,
to all our friends.
We clap our hands like this,
We clap our hands like this,
with all our friends.
Story time has ended.