Thursday, February 5, 2015

Baby Blommers, Crawlers & Totally Tots- Shapes

This week's plan didn't work as planned, in theory, it looked like it was going to be a fun program exploring shapes & colors but it quickly turned to be a crazy story time.  This was the original program for our Crawlers & Totally Tots.

We started with our regular opening song &  Wiggles, Wiggles. I had chosen the following books:

Perfect Square by Michael Hall
The kids were somewhat interested on the different colors and shapes that unveil throughout Squares' week.

Find Spot by Stacey Previn       My Heart Is Like a Zoo by Michael Hall 

The kids quickly lost interest with either of these books.

I tried several of our standard rhymes like This Is Big, Two Little Black Birds, Two Little Eyes and several of our regular songs  Shake Your Sillies, If You Are Happy, Walking Walking. 
In an attempt to capture their attention I pulled out one of our pop-up books The Very Hungry Caterpillar, this worked for a few kids.  We ended with our regular Bubbles and Good Bye song.

After Tuesdays story time I decided to change the plan for Thursday's classes-Baby Bloomers & Totally Tots. Our babies enjoyed the following books:

Tickly Toes by Susan Hood.
This Little Piggy illustrated by Annie Kubler
Messy Me! by Marni McGee

We had a very small class due to the cold weather but they were the cutest, giggliest, little babies ever.  We started a couple of new rhymes Up & Down and This Is Big and Hickory Hickory Dock for our Nursery Rhyme.  

For Thursdays' Totally Tots I selected the following books:

Betty Goes Bananas by Steve Antony  I liked the repetition and was hoping the kids would get into it.

Boom Boom by Sarvinder Naberhaus

The Little Bear Book by Anthony Browne. We tried guessing what was coming next and what Bear was going to draw.

The Line by Paula Bossio

I used the same rhymes and songs and it seemed to flow much better.  We had a larger group than Tuesday, however, it felt that we were more in sync today.  I am going to blame it on the cold weather, the insane amount of snow we have had, and the fact that there was a full moon this week.  Next week will be all love, love, love...