Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Things You Would Like to Have...Ninja Librarian week 2

This week’s Ninja Librarians Recon Team assignment is to list ten items you would take from a book, which sounds easy, but actually is becoming a challenge when you can only choose ten. I have been making progress on my reading and one cool thing Dorrie and Marcus find out while at the library is that the lybrarians at Petrarch’s Library get their food in a very unusual way- they read it out! They read sections of books that depict food or deserts and they magically become tangible items.  Imagine how easy preparing dinner would be, and the cleanup would be non-existent.  So if I could read myself some items what would I choose?

1       I would love to fly- to have the ability to transform into a bird and fly like the characters in The Art of Flying.
2.     In wanting to keep the travel theme, I would love to have the boat from North of Nowhere to take me back in time.
3.       If I could, I would have Willem’s backpack from Just One Year full of his notes and music from all his travels thru Europe.  Plus Willem to accompany me.
4.       Dewey’s bike from Crunch, and his ability to pull their family together.
5.       I would love Ava Lavender’s amazing house overlooking Seattle’s bay.
6.       I would have all the dogs and cats from Waiting for the Magic.
7.       Another ability I would take out of a book would be Rose’s ability to see into the past and create stories by just looking at a mirror or reflective surface from Rose.
8.       In the event that I needed to defend myself, I want Percy Jackson’s riptide from The Son of Neptune.  I would never lose it and could carry it in a pocket.
9.       Alina’s Sun Summoner cloak and her ability to summon light from Siege & Storm.
10.   My last wish would be to have Emma Freke red hair from I, Emma Freke.
What would be your favorite items?