Thursday, March 6, 2014

Totally Tots- Monkeys

Yesterday was our last day of Totally Tots for the Winter session.  It has been a great 8 weeks, hard to believe that 8 weeks have gone by so quickly.  The kids have surprised me week after week with their sense of humor, their honesty, their willingness to try anything with me. For our Spring session I am happy to announce that I will be adding a second day for this group age. I found out that our local park district offers a music class for toddlers on the same day and time as our Totally Tots.  I hope this will avoid the conflict and some new tots and parents will join us.

Today's theme was monkeys, again I tried using our little monkey felts for our rhyme with a crocodile puppet ...well not all kids were crazy about the crocodile.  At the end we decided that he was a nice crocodile that just wanted to tickle the monkeys.  I also tried a new action rhyme with lots of arm movement. 

Here is our handout