Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Baby Bloomers, Crawlers & Totally Tots - Peekaboo

This has been a crazy great week, which is why I am posting about all three programs together.  All my programs  had massive attendance- 30 crawlers! (between kids & parents) and they were all super behaved. They were engaged with the books, they wanted to dance, and wiggle, and do nursery rhymes. I wish I could repeat this week over and over, I think it is what we youth librarians dream off- a program that connects you with the kids and brings everyone together.  

The books for this week were a bit of mix, I had some books with flaps, everyone loves lifting the flaps. We have a brand new copy of Pop-Up Peekaboo! Farm that is beautiful, and a new copy of I Spy Pets  by Edward Gibbs that the tots found fascinating especially when you look thru the whole at the end of the book and spy each other.  To keep our  movement sections up and going I used one of my old flannel boards with action words and pictures. We put all our pieces up and started doing the actions (running, dancing, jumping, bending...) as we took them out. 

Here are the two handouts for the week. I used the same handout for our Baby Bloomers.