Thursday, October 2, 2014

Totally Tots- Cats

This week Totally Tots classes have been so different- Wednesdays group was loud and rambunctious, Thursdays was quiet and a bit shy.  Originally my idea was to feature different pets but then decided to go with cats.  We read


Wednesdays group was very large which in our small room can be a problem. We also had several kids a bit young for this age group and one or two that were to old.  I liked Cat Skidoo's rhyming and repetition but I didn't feel like we had a true chance to enjoying the rhyming because my reading was interrupted several times.  They liked Where Is Tippy Toes? and City Animals's large flaps.

We used our regular welcome song and Wiggles, plus a new rhyme, and several rounds of Open Shut Them.

A Great Big Cat
A great big cat  (hold hands far apart)
And a wee little mouse (hold hands close together)
Ran round and round (roll hands, on over the other)
In a high, high house ( hold arms above head w/ fingertips touching)
But the wee little mouse (hold hands close together0
Got caught at last (clap hands on caught)
Cause the great big cat (hold hands far apart)
Ran round so fast (roll hands, one over the other faster & faster)
Credit: Fingerplays & Action Songs

We listened to our "Walking song" and our Bubbles, Bubbles song.   

Our Thursday group was much smaller so we had a chance to try Jrbrary's 

Everybody knows I love my toes.
Everybody knows I love my toes.
I love my shoulders, my knees, my elbows, and my nose.
But everybody knows I love my toes.
Other verses: chin and shin, lips and hips, eye and thigh.

And our Nursery Rhyme: Rub-a Dub Dub.  
This week had several good learning moments- our groups are becoming so big that I might have to consider limit the size of the group; which I hate doing because I don't want to turn anyone away.  Maybe if I can have a better balance between group sizes and ages it won't feel as chaotic.  I need to do a better job at reminding parents to engage/participate/ oversee their child.  I need to remember that there are days when things don't just flow as planned and that is okay too.  Next week we are reading stories about fishes, and doing a fun craft.