Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Chicks, Farms, and Pumpkins

Last week was Toddler mayhem at the library, both sessions were jump packed with toddlers and siblings. We had new comers and kids that attended Crawlers the day before.  It was a blast. 
I originally had planned for a farm theme but I wasn't feeling the connection to the books I had selected and ended with a mix of books.  We read


The kids really enjoyed This Little Chick and we all engaged in making the different sounds our confused little chick makes. Pumpkin Trouble was the best- I read it like five times last week to different groups or to a single child.  By time we read Color Farm the group was really energetic and ready for some dancing.

This was our last week of Open Shut Them along with Touch Your Nose. We chanted both of them three times- normal speed, faster, and quiet whisper.  I also used pictures of pumpkin and turkeys (they are taped to jumbo craft sticks) to sing "Two Little Birds" we changed the birds to pumpkins who rolled down the hill instead of flying and turkeys that trot down as they "gobble, gobble". We finished with the kids making a cute monster puppet from Oriental Trading.