Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween- Crawlers & Totally Tots

Our Crawlers and Totally Tots were ready for Halloween, they showed up in full costumes and I had the chance to wear the great "Pumpkin" costume. This costume has been part of our Halloween tradition for years. It is a privilege to get to wear it.

We started with our
Opening Song
Everybody say one, story time has just began
Everybody say two, shake your shoulders show your shoes
Everybody say three, listen very carefully
Everybody say four, and put your bottoms on the floor

A wiggle, wiggle here
A wiggle, wiggle there.
Wiggle your hands up in the air
Wiggle our shoulders and wiggle your hips,
Wiggle your knees and move your lips,
Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle
And wiggle and bend
Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle,
And this is the end!

Our crawlers first book was I Love You Little Pumpkin,

 this book worked out really nice for this group because I could go around and let them touch the soft pumpkin on the cover and let  them see themselves on the final flap where a mirror opens up.

For our toddlers I used Skeleton Hiccups by Margery Cuyler. They were hilarious trying to do the hic, hic, hic all along the book.  

Both groups enjoyed a few rounds of the Eensy Weensy Spider, I have a small felt spider than the kids get to pat while we chant Eensy, Weensy Spider. We also clapped along to Pat a Cake.  
We listened to Walking, Walking from Songs from Wiggleworms.

Our second book was Silly Ghosts by Janet Lawler, this is a pop-up book we normally don’t circulate with lots of awesome pop-ups and shiny covers.  

We jumped to our Bubbles with a new rhyme
Bubbles small and bubbles round,
Bubbles landing on the ground.
Up into the air they fly,
Soaring, floating to the sky.
I love bubbles, can’t you see?
I love bubbles, and they love me!

Our last book was Five Little Pumpkins by Ben Mantle 8252491
I used pumpkin cutouts with black shapes showing a running person, a black cat, a spooky house, a smiling pumpkin, and a black cat.  I like this book because you can almost sing the rhyme.  

At our library is tradition to have a small parade during Halloween with the kids walking around the library and behind the Circulation desk.  They loved it!

We ended with  We Wave Goodbye Like This
We wave goodbye like this,
We wave goodbye like this,
to all our friends.
We clap our hands like this,
We clap our hands like this,
with all our friends.
Story time has ended.

I had to modify day two of Totally Tots because we had record attendance and the kids were way to eexcited to listen to any of the stories.  By time we got around to book 2 they were ready for our Parade to start. We did had a chance to visit and take lots of pictures with their amazing costumes on and Ms. Inma as the very bright pumpkin. 

Happy Halloween.