Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Our new group- The Crawlers

Last spring I tried incorporating a new group for those babies that weren't truly a baby anymore but weren't ready for the Totally Tots class.  The time and day didn't work for our community and I ended cancelling the program.  This past fall our Baby Bloomers class was the largest we have had in history, and the large majority of the babies were in that in between stage, so I decided to try again with this new group but using the same time as the Baby Bloomers class 9:30 am on a different day.

Today was our inaugural day and it was a blast! I had 12 Crawlers ready to crawl, walk, and even run around the room.  The parents and caregivers are amazing and really open to new things, which it is so encouraging when I am trying to create a new routine with these kids.  I used the "Nursery Rhyme Cube" and they loved it. (see yesterday's post for pictures ). I need a better cube (a true shape cube) or I fear we are going to be doing the same two rhymes over and over.  The songs worked will with the group because they like clapping and stamping and generally moving around.  The books were a hit with the parents, I think they all loved the general theme of friendship and love, the kids weren't as interested on them.  I am very excited and looking forward to next week. The handout was the same as yesterday, you can find it here.