Monday, January 13, 2014

Baby Bloomers- Polar Bears

Today was our first day of Baby Bloomers story time for the winter session. After the long break I was so excited and nervous this morning, I felt out of my groove but having their small faces smiling at me, while I read about Penguin and his new friend Pinecone made all the butterflies fly away.  It was a small group which is perfect to build an intimate experience and try some of my new ideas. I have been wanting to incorporate more nursery rhyme, everything I read on Early Literacy (EL) support using nursery rhyme to develop EL skills. I also want to build more consistency and routine to the program, especially with this age group while keeping it fun.  I found this idea on a blog and create a "Nursery Rhyme Cube" using Mother Goose Rhymes.


The idea is to have the kids throw the cube and then we chant/sing/act the rhyme. I am also incorporating a "read with me" time in which I bring board books from the collection for parents to quietly read with their children.  It didn't work as planned today but the babies were excited to grab and open the books.  Here is today's handout.