Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Totally Tots- Happy Mother's Day

We had a great time at story time today as we celebrated mom's and grandma's. We shared special stories about the many things mom's do for us- like staying up all night to sew our costumes. It was kind of sad because today was our last day of story time for Spring, but we are all very excited to start our Summer Reading program with stories at the park. We will be visiting a different park each week from early June until the end of August. We are very lucky to have lots of different parks in our town.  We started with our regular opening song "The More We Get Together"and moved right on to our first book

My Mom
My Mom by Anthony Browne. We loved hearing about this supermom who can make anything grow, always makes us laugh, and will always, always, love us.  We followed with a finger play about families "My Family". The kids really liked going through the motions of adding family members.  We followed with a quick rhyme "Do You Love Me?"and our next book
I Love My Mommy
I Love My Mommy by Giles Andreae.  I love the illustrations and oversize pictures of this book.  The kids loved to point out the different things mom's do with them as they related to the story.  We followed with another finger play "My Mommy" and "Helping Mother".  Our last book was
Just Like You
Just Like You by Emma Dodd.  When I first read this book I liked the story and the notion that we learn from our mom's or dad's but we are still our own little person.  The  kids were getting a bit restless by this book so we moved on with another song "Sometimes Mom Says..." and one of my favorites "Skinnamarink".  We took the opportunity to chat and play as we said good bye for a few weeks.