Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Baby Bloomers & Crawlers- Summer

This week was our last session of Spring story time. The past six weeks have gone by so fast, our babies and crawlers have grown so much, with their happy little personalities staring to show via quick lovely smiles, giggles,  small crawls, and big leaps.  This week I focused on reviewing some of the rhyme actions we have used throughout the session- This is Big, Wiggle-Wiggle,  Touch Game, Thank You with claps.  We listened to some of the old songs and of course had bubbles floating around the room.  We read

6266224 by Bob Raczka
786878 by Lauren Thompson

10356912  by Eugine Fernandez

With the Crawlers I read instead of Kitten's Summer

by Lerryn Korda

We didn't read word by word but looked at the pictures and named the different items and narrated the story's action.  Our playtime consisted of rolling our plastic balls without the parachute since our room is kind of small and our small toys.

As I plan for the fall session, I am looking at ways to incorporate more music and play along with different type of stories. For the babies, I want to focus on making the time stimulating without overwhelming their little senses.  I am going to miss my Monday & Tuesday mornings surrounded by little kids but I know we will see each other at the library and around the community as we visit parks and our farmers market.