Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Baby Bloomer & Crawlers- Mothers Day

This week I wanted to make something special for our mothers, they are an amazing group of moms that come every week, rain or shine to make sure their children have a chance to hear stories and sing songs.  Our working moms are amazing too and send dad or grandma or the babysitter.  I am not very crafty by nature but found this very simple idea on Pinterest and decided to go with it. 

I decided to use only two books, our Nursery Rhyme- Mistress Mary- and a few songs ( Bubbles- of course- If You Are Happy And You Know It, and Skinnamarink) plus our regular welcome song & Wiggles, Wiggles. Our babies listened to

By Laurel Porter-Gaylord        By Tobi Tobias

Our Crawlers listened to Wishes for You by Tobi Tobias and

By Donna Tedesco

Our craft involved paint and surprisingly nobody got paint on their hair, or face, or clothes and none in the carpet or walls either.  Here are a few of our happy mom's and babies


Happy Mothers Day To All our wonderful Mothers.