Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Arrivals

A couple new books that just arrived at our library, make sure to check them out.

The Black Rabbit
The Black Rabbit by Philippa Leathers. Rabbit's day is off to a great start until he turns around and finds he is been followed by a giant black rabbit. No matter what he does, no matter where he goes, he can't lose him.  In his desperation, he goes into the deep dark wood and finally he is alone....but not for long as wolf starts to chase him! Who would come to his rescue? None other than the black rabbit. I enjoyed the simple illustrations and how they help convey the full range of emotions rabbit experiences. Check out our copy.

Building Our House 
Building Our House by Jonathan Bean. I loved this story and its illustrations.  I don't think there is a kid out there that doesn't like construction stories and this one shows a family building their own house from scratch.  I know I already mentioned butt I truly adore the illustrations and all the little details, the soft colors against off white backgrounds, how the author uses several images spread over a page. The author's note about his own memories and how it took almost five years for his family to build their home makes it even more unique.  Check out our copy.