Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Favorite Summer Reading Picture Books

I love to read picture books, didn't thought I would at first but the complexity of the stories- when you think of a subject from a four-five year old to the beautiful illustrations just won my heart.  This summer I am reading lots and lots to my own kids since we have a story time break. This is giving me the opportunity to find some new picture books for my fall story time sessions.  Just yesterday I found a great new book for this fall.  We had just started reading this book last night when the wind picked up and the leaves started to fall down. It was the perfect setting for Flora's Very Windy Day by Jeanne Birdsall, illustrated by Matt Phelan.
Flora's Very Windy Day I found the story to be absolutely adorable and one that most kids with younger siblings can relate to- who hasn't dreamed of giving away a pesky little brother or sister.  In the book Flora has the perfect opportunity to give Crispin, her younger brother away when the wind whisked them away.  She gets offers from a dragonfly, a bird, a rainbow, and even the man in the moon. But at the end she decides that is best to bring him back home, just in case mom would get upset. I am a big fan of watercolors and Phelan's illustrations are perfect. The balance of colors and light, the characters' moods like mom's tired face or the man on the moon sad face are all convey with the subtle pastel colors, dark grays, and autumn browns.  Check it out at our library.

Let's Go, Hugo! 

Let's Go, Hugo! by Angela Dominguez. Another great picture book with a strong message and adorable illustrations.  Set in Paris, Hugo is a lovely little bird who rather walks instead of flying-truth be told because he is afraid of flying.  Until he meets Lulu, who is determined to fly over Paris with him, will Hugo finally learn to fly? Hugo uses every excuse he can think off to avoid flying but with the help of Bernard the Owl, Lulu's encouragement, and his own courage Hugo faces his fear and learns to fly.  I love the watercolor illustrations and the nostalgic feeling they evoke, but the main reason this book is special is because of its message. This book teaches children to overcome their fears and to being open to those around them for help facing life's challenges.Check it out at our library