Monday, May 11, 2015

Baby Bloomers- Mother's Day

Last week was our last class for Baby Bloomers as sad to have to stop, these babies have been the best.  I choose Mother's Day as the theme and we had a special craft-see below. 

We read
Mama's Day by Linda Ashman
Ten Tiny Babies by Karen Katz
Uh-Oh! by Shutta Crum- love the illustrations by Patrice Barton.


Here is the rest of the plan

Opening Song-The More We Get Together
Nursery Rhyme: Rub-a-Dub Dub

We listened to
Peek-a-boo from Baby Face
Baby Grows from Baby Face

Two Little Eyes to Look Around
Two little eyes to look around
Two little ears to hear a sound
One little nose to smell what’s sweet
One little mouth that likes to eat!

Me, Complete
I have ten little fingers and ten little toes
Two little arms and one little nose
One little mouth and two little ears
Two little eyes for smiles and tears
One little head and two little feet
One little chin and that’s me complete!

Up & Down Rhyme
Up, up in the sky like this, (gently lift baby in the air)
Down, down for a great big kiss( slowly bring baby down and kiss)
Up like this (lift up)
Down for a kiss (lower down)
You’re my special baby! (hug and cuddle baby)

Mother and Father and Uncle John
Mother and father and uncle John (bounce baby on lap)
Went to town, one by one (tip baby to one side)
Mother fell off
And father fell off (tip baby to other side)
But uncle John went on and on and on! (bounce baby on lap)
Bubble Time
Goodbye song-  We Wave Goodbye Like This

We attempted making this craft