Thursday, January 7, 2016

Crawlers & Totally Tots~ Colors

Today was our second session for Totally Tots. Tuesday we had our Crawlers and yesterday our Tots,  overall the first week tends to be a bit hectic with everyone getting back into the routines.  Tuesdays group was very active and distracted but I think they enjoyed Monsters Love Colors and Freight Train the most. I keep forgetting the wide range of ages and abilities within this group, I need to make sure to simplify some of the activities to avoid kids frustration. The tots loved playing with the flannel for Mouse Shapes, with the first group I tried reading the book while using the flannel, a bit to much.  I changed with the other groups and told the story using the flannel and then showed them the book. I decided to kick off the year with colors and shapes, saved the snow theme for next week.