Sunday, December 16, 2012

I just started working as a children's librarian at the Homewood Public Library, this is my dream come true.  Two years ago I decided to pursue my passion and went back to graduate school for my MLIS degree, never imagining that I would be as lucky as to get to work here.

As a children's librarian I have the privilege of working with children all day long helping them connect with great books.  My programs are for the tiny ones- babies & tot's- how much fun! I am really looking forward to make my programs fun and exciting for both children and parents/caregivers.

One of my goals is to review books and share my thoughts with all of you.

Andrew Drew and DrewOne of my first selections is Andrew Drew and Drew  by Barney Saltzberg, K-2 grade, Appleseed Press, 2012.  I loved the flaps and folds into Andrew's imaginative drawings where a simple line turns into a dragon just by lifting a flop.  The minimal use of black illustrations with lots of white space gets the reader to just focus on Andrew and his yellow pencil. Minimal text can allow readers to imagine what they would draw themselves. Check it out at my library.

OliverThis is a beautiful story about acceptance and new beginnings. Oliver by Birgitta Sif, K-2 grade, Candlewick Press, 2012.  I just loved the pencil drawings on this book, everything is done with the most exquisite details. Oliver is a different child, who is not afraid of being his own. He lives through his adventures until one day when he finds a kindred spirit. The text is minimal again but the message is strong and would resonate with different readers.  The illustrations alone can tell the story which makes it a great story time book.  Check it out at my library.